PALERMO, Calf. -

The culmination of a month long, joint investigation of commercial marijuana growing operations in Butte County is coming to an end.

10 different marijuana farms were raided by local and federal officials around Butte County.  Deputies raided other areas of Palermo and parts of Forest Ranch.

This is was a joint operation with the Butte County Sheriff's Office and other federal agencies.

"We have [gathered information regarding] a number of Butte County residents who have been growing an excessive amount of marijuana beyond what we typically might see in a medicinal marijuana grow," says Sheriff Jerry Smith.

On Wed., Sept. 26, The Drug Enforcement Agency, The U.S. Forest Service and The Butte County Sheriff’s Office, along with 12 other agencies, are in the process of conducting Federal Search warrants at 10 locations in the Forest Ranch and Palermo areas of Butte County.

During one search at an address on Parent Rd. in Palermo, investigators found close to 100 marijuana plants. Investigators say that they do not believe that this specific raid was cartel-related.

On Wednesday, deputies found over 967 marijuana plants in their raids, bringing the total to 17,120 pounds.  The street value of the marijuana is $34.2 million.

There were no arrests made today but the investigation is still ongoing.