Starbucks Stabbing Victim's Wife Speaks Out

POSTED: 6:18 PM Nov 02 2012   UPDATED: 6:45 PM Nov 02 2012
REDDING, Calif. -

The wife of a Redding realtor who was stabbed at a Starbucks is speaking out for the first time since the incident happened on Halloween. It is the same day that her husband's accused attacker appeared in court for the first time.

Investigators said that 19-year-old Travis Kuks admitted to stabbing 37-year-old Samuel Yount, a realtor at Banner Real Estate in Redding.

It happened just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon at the Starbucks on East Cypress Avenue.

Janelle Yount said she still cannot believe what happened to her family.

"My family's not going to be the same," Yount said. "My kids aren't going to be the same. My daughter is never going to be the same."

Yount said her daughter sat her and her husband down a few days before the stabbing to tell them that she was in a sexual relationship with Travis and had been sneaking out to see him.

Janelle Yount said her daughter wanted to come clean to them because she wanted them to like Kuks.

Yount said she and her husband were upset because they are a religious family and they usually only associate with people within their church group.

She said her daughter has been home-schooled her whole life and that this was her first real relationship.

Janelle Yount met with Travis and he apologized for going behind her back. Janelle then encouraged Kuks to make things right with her husband.

At first, Samuel Yount refused to meet with Travis, but then agreed to meet at Starbucks.

Janelle said that Travis refused to apologize to her husband, which upset him.

She said Yount stood up and pushed Travis -- and that is when Travis Kuks took out a hunting knife and stabbed her husband, causing an 8-inch wound.

Janelle Yount said she still cannot believe it happened.

"I like Travis," she said. "Travis is a great kid. He's very goal oriented. He's very smart. He's a gentleman. His parents are beautiful people, but we caught Travis in many lies and manipulations."

Yount said her husband is still recovering at the hospital tonight but is battling some complications.

She said they both forgive Travis for what he has done.