According to this year’s Academic Performance Index that is released from the state annually, many North State schools are not up to state standards.

The Academic Performance Index includes traditional elementary schools, high schools and middle schools as well as juvenile detention centers, schools with special education programs and schools with large English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

We looked at schools in Shasta, Butte and Tehama Counties to see which ones met their school growth target and which ones did not.

Out of 77 schools in Shasta County, 49 met their goal and 28--36 percent--did not.

Butte County schools did a little better with only 20 percent of them not meeting their growth target. There were 67 schools and 53 of them did meet their growth target while 14 schools did not.

In Tehama County, 34 schools were recorded--22 of them hit their growth target while 12 of them did not.

Although schools may have met their growth target, it does not necessarily mean that they met the state standard--a score of 800 or better on standardized testing.

Butte, Shasta and Tehama Counties all performed worse than the federal adequate yearly progress standards, which are based on No Child Left Behind legislation. The state however, argues that the system is flawed and they have asked the federal government for an exemption waiver from those requirements.

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