Three People Stabbed In Downtown Chico

POSTED: 2:41 PM Feb 10 2013   UPDATED: 6:32 PM Feb 11 2013
CHICO, Calif. -

Chico Police say three people were stabbed outside of the Cold Stone Creamery on the corner of Broadway and 2nd Street.

The stabbing happened around 12:45 a.m. after the three male victims got into a fight with several Hispanic males. 

Two of the victims were taken to Enloe Medical Center.  One of the victims was rushed into emergency surgery.  Chico Police found the third victim at the hospital after he drove himself.

There have been 11 stabbings in Chico over the past week and Chico Police can't explain the sudden spike in stabbings.

One of the victims was released Sunday morning and the other two are in fair condition.

City officials are now saying that something must be done.

"Obviously it's a concern of ours having that number of stabbings,  particularly in such a short period of time," said elected Chico Council member Randall Stone,  "even if the actual crime numbers haven't increased we have a systemic problem."

Stone believes that while Chico Police has done a good job coping with budget cuts,  they still need help. Recent grants providing crucial funding for target teams working to curb violence have recently expired.

Chico resident Natalia Butler says that, as a woman, she's afraid to walk downtown alone. " I've lived in Chico my whole life," she said, "and I've never heard of this much violence going on so it's definitely concerning."

Chico Police is asking anyone with additional information about the stabbings  to give them a call.