REDDING, Calif. -

Officials said while the gender is not officially known, the clothing and jewelry on the body lead them to believe it is a woman.

The coroner's office said while the body was badly decomposed they were able to identify size six petite pants, size six Brooks shoes, a Mickey Mouse faced watch and a gold ring with a purple stone.

The body may also be that of an older woman because the person had dyed hair with natural gray coming in.

On Tuesday an odontologist is coming to the coroner's office to compare dental records to missing persons in the area.

Redding Police were called to Prince Street Sunday evening around 7 p.m. after they received a report a body had been found in a tarp-covered boat behind a home. 

Neighbors noticed a foul odor in the area where the boat was stored and went to investigate.  That's when the body was found.

Police taped off the area while they investigated.

Neighbors in the area believe the body might be that of a homeless person who frequented the area.