Update: Wildlife Advocates to Allow Coyote Hunt in Modoc County

POSTED: 8:49 AM Feb 06 2013   UPDATED: 6:03 PM Feb 06 2013
Wild Wolf OR-7 photo

After some conflict, the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife decided to allow a coyote hunt to take place in Modoc County.

Environmental groups were asking the State Department of Fish and Wildlife to halt the coyote hunt, saying it could pose a threat to OR-7 the endangered gray wolf.  It's first confirmed wild wolf in California in more than 80 years.

The hunt, called "Coyote Drive 2013", is scheduled for this weekend.

Opponents will attended Wednesday's meeting of the Fish and Wildlife Commission in Sacramento.

They argued that OR-7 has been spotted in the company of coyotes and could be mistaken for one by a hunter.