Upper Park Road Reopens After Long Closure

POSTED: 10:44 PM Apr 23 2013
Upper Park Road Reopens After Long Closure

The long closed dirt portion of Upper Park Road reopened Tuesday after several months of repairs.

The city closed the gate at Horseshoe Lake during the rainy season and finally made necessary repairs after storms in December caused "considerable damage."

Last week crews laid down new gravel and graded the dirt road.

Considering that recent budgets haven't been able to afford new gravel the recent improvements are a treat for park goers.

Porfirio Montez said he was "super stoked" about the road reopening  Tuesday.

"It gets me on the road, gets me off the trails and keeps me riding my bike and out of the house," Montez said. "Once the road opened, I jumped on it."

Crews also installed new speed limit signs and warnings where the road narrows--ways to keep travelers safe and the road in good condition.

A warning though, the park gate remains closed at the Diversion Dam parking area, so if you're looking to get to the furthest swimming holes you'll have to go by bike or on foot.

There's no word yet when repairs on that portion of the road will be finished or when it will reopen.