A Redding Walmart employee is facing criminal charges after officers said he came to work drunk and then threatened his co-workers while they pinned him down.

The incident was all caught on camera by Bryant Krause. He said he filmed it because he doesn't think it was fair for the supervisors to keep him on the ground.

Officers said 21 year old Kevin Pokorney was threatening those co-workers and that they were worried about their safety.

They said managers at the store felt he had been drinking either before or during work on Wednesday, They said he was inside the store knocking over items on the shelves and a shopping cart.

Officers said he then tried to assault a manager. At some point, he was escorted out of the store by supervisors. He apparently started to threaten them so they pinned him to the ground while they waited for the Redding Police Department to get there.    

Krause said he felt the supervisors were too rough with Pokorney.

"Big scene, definitely. He ran out everybody was like 'oh, what's going on' because stuffs getting knocked off the shelves and you know, it was pretty crazy. I just felt bad for him. No one was on that guys side," Krause said.

We also reached out to Walmart to get their take on the incident.

Here's what they had to say:

“We were concerned about this associate’s behavior toward customers and other associates in our store and called the police for help. We are continuing to look into the specifics of all that happened.”

Officers didn't witness most of this, so Pokorney was placed under citizens arrest.

He is now being charged with a felony for making criminal threats and with resisting arrest.