The City of Shasta Lake is trying to dry off from the weekend's storm.

The Windsor Estates neighborhood had quite a bit of cleaning up and re-securing to do.

Rodger Babbitt lives on Pembroke Lane.

He said the rocks and bark in his yard washed down a hill. They formed a deep pathway that down this front yard.  Most of the rocks and bard ended up scattered on the sidewalk and street.

He's cleaned most of it up, but on Monday he said he still cannot believe it happened.

"I was startled actually.  It takes a lot of force and that's why the rock was there to keep the water from pushing down your brown wood landscaping. For it to push the rock on out of the way and to just dig its own channel, that's a pretty strong force of nature there," Babbitt said.

Babbitt said he put calls into Forest Design, which is a landscaping company, so they could help him secure the debris before more rain comes in.

A man who lives on Avington Way but did not want to reveal his name had some cleaning up to do as well.

He had to completely water down his backyard after mud washed in. Most of it came from a hill behind his home and even turned his pool a murky brown color.