REDDING, Calif. -

A self-described community activist is saying that a recent fight between black and white inmates at the Shasta County Jail is being soft-pedaled by the sheriff's department and district attorney's office.

A report came out three weeks after the fight on May 26.

Everyone agrees that four Black inmates were beaten by a much larger group of Caucasian inmates. The Black inmates were taken to the emergency room for treatment and the inmates that attacked them were charged.

Community activist Pat Sansom said that the report is seriously flawed and more whites should be charged with more serious crimes.

She said she wants to see the security video of the fight to prove it.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko said on Wednesday that he has not heard from Sansom, but she is welcome to make a public records request.

KRCR News Channel 7 has made a public records request and we should find out sometime next week whether it was approved.