REDDING, Calif. -

'Tis the season to be jolly, but not everyone is in the holiday spirit.

The holidays are here, bringing with them the hustle and bustle but for some it can also bring sadness and loneliness.

Heather Gold is a clutter specialist serving clients in Shasta and Butte counties.

She knows how tough this time of the year can be on people and that the holiday blues are pretty common.

"People really go into this rut and that's where the holiday blues really come into play. People really go into this deep place, kinda this dark spiral of depression," said Gold.

Two factors that lead to depression are: remembering holidays past or possibly being unhappy with where you are now.

Another problem could be money.

With so many sales and advertisements it's hard to avoid shopping, which can lead to debt.

Gold said another factor could be the wintery weather.

She said some people suffer from SAD which stands for 'seasonal affective disorder.'

The lack of sunlight could cause people to feel depressed.

"People go into this low time where they just don't have a lot of energy," explained Gold.

Experts and Gold said there are several things you can do to beat the holiday blues.

One piece of advice is to try working out, even for just a few minutes.

Simply moving can work to get you out of the holiday funk.

Make sure to remember the bottom of your tree doesn't have to have so many wrapped boxes.

As cliche as it sounds, think of what the holidays actually mean.

"It's really about being together and reflect on all the things you've done over the year as well," said Gold.

Also, there's no rules for how you must spend your holiday.

If the usual plans sound like a drag or bring back painful memories try new traditions.

Another tip is to help someone else.

But a big bottom line is to realize that you're not alone and help is out there.