REDDING, Calif. -

The owner of the car was so upset, officers were called to the scene to get him under control.

The driver was borrowing the car from a friend when it went up in flames about 8 p.m. Monday. It happened at the Burger King off Eureka Way. The car's owner was called to the scene and was reportedly very upset.  Police were called in to help calm him down.

Firefighters with the Redding Fire Department were able to quickly put out the fire which stayed contained to the car. Redding Fire Battalion Chief Steve Reilly says the driver managed to escape unharmed.

“He experienced some difficulty after placing his order at the drive-thru. The vehicle stalled and he attempted to restart when another vehicle behind him in the drive-thru alerted him to the fire underneath the vehicle,” said Chief Reilly.

Investigators believe the fire started under the hood, due to a possible fuel leak. No one was injured or arrested.