REDDING, Calif. -

Hitting the road for this holiday weekend?

California Highway Patrol wants to make sure you get to where you’re going, especially if you’re driving on I-5.

Starting Wednesday through Sunday, CHP, Washington State Patrol and Oregon State police will be working together to make sure drivers are following the rules while on the road. The focus of the I-5 Challenge is to Arrive Alive on I-5.

The reason they are targeting Thanksgiving weekend is because holiday travel can come with a lot of distractions.

"Your children are all in the car, grandma and all the extra talking and horse play is all a distraction to the driver," Said CHP Officer Mark Redding.

The various agencies will also be looking for common problems like texting and talking on the phone while driving.

Officers said they will also keep an eye out for out of state drivers who might not know state laws, along with drunk drivers and those not wearing their seat belts.

According to the CHP I-5 averages more than 14,000 collisions annually. In California alone, I-5 stretches nearly 800 miles in length and is served by CHP officers from 30 different offices.

"People traveling need to understand, leave yourselves plenty of time,” said Officer Redding.  “Don't be in a  rush, aggressive driving ,distracted driving are all contributing factors to the high number of accidents that can occur during holidays.”