One woman is hoping to shift our country’s dependence on foreign products through her artwork. Artist Inez Harwood created the world’s longest tie-dye, and now she’s taking her project on the road to send an important message.

Harwood traveled from Utah to the Northstate to educate people on the significance of investing in domestic products.

“We can go to the grocery store everyday and vote for the home team and the sooner we do that the sooner our economy can turn around,” said Harwood.

A Utah Valley University graduate, her emphasis was Water-Media. Her son dared her to create the world’s longest tie-dye, so she took the challenge and succeeded. Harwood’s art project, called Vibrant Protest: Liberty, led her on a journey to find fabric measuring more than half a mile in length. She says it was a difficult mission because a majority of the cotton industry is outsourced. Eventually she found the factory Inman Mills in South Carolina that was able to sell her the fabric she needed.

Harwood is hoping her project, which stretches 3,120 feet in length, encourages people to support local industries. It took a full year to complete the project as well as more than 120 pounds of dry dye, around 9,000 zip-ties and hundreds of volunteers.

“Attract people to do something good for each other and to be able to support each other,” said Harwood.

Originally from Greenville, California, Harwood wants people to also walk away with the message she wove into her project.

“Redding and trinity are similar to my hometown and a bunch of good hometown people looking out for each other,” said Harwood.

If you are interested in checking out the project, it will be displayed at the Unseen Arena in Hayfork at the Saint Francis Festival. It will be there September 25th to October 5th. For more information on Vibrant Protest: Liberty, you can visit Harwood’s website: