CHICO, Calif. -

A bed bug problem is forcing The Torres Community Shelter in Chico to temporarily move its operations next week.  The shelter will be operating out of First Baptist Church at 850 Palmetto Avenue from October 14 through October 16.

The shelter at 101 Silver Dollar Way will be emptied for several days to fumigate the facility to eradicate bed bugs.  Shelter officials issued a news release, saying bed bugs were detected a few months ago.

Torres Shelter Executive Director, Brad Montgomery said they've tried a number of treatments with varying levels of success, but nothing we've tried up to this point has eradicated the problem completely.

The cost for this treatment will be $11,500, exhausting the shelter's reserve fund for any unforeseen problems having to do with building, maintenance or facility concerns.

The shelter is also altering several of its policies and protocols in order to avoid any future re-introduction of bed bugs.  They said one way that bed bugs could be re-introduced to the Shelter after this treatment is through donations of clothing, bedding, books or any porous substance.  So, until further notice, they won't be able to accept donations of either books or anything made of fabric unless it's still wrapped and brand new.

They are seeking donations to cover the costs of the fumigation, and replacing bedding items.

If you would like to send a donation, make your check payable to the Torres Community Shelter and mail it to 101 Silver Dollar Way, Chico, CA 95928.

You can also make a donation online at