Black Butte Elementary Help Students Cope with Loss of the Miller Girls

POSTED: 5:42 PM May 09 2013   UPDATED: 5:44 PM May 09 2013

The Black Butte Elementary School District is feeling the loss of the two young girls that were killed by their own father.

Shelby Miller, 8, and Shasta Miller, 4, attended schools in the district. Shasta was part of their pre-school program.

Superintendent of Black Butte Elementary School District Don Aust said the loss of the two girls hit the school hard. He mentioned the playground remained empty during recess and he heard no laughter.

"This morning as the kids got off the bus it looked like everything was going good,” said Aust. “But when they went to recess they weren't playing."

Aust said that the third graders are the group of students that are feeling it the most because Shelby Miller was their classmate.

The district has taken action and they are providing students with help by turning the school library into a counseling room.

"They’re just writing down their thoughts and drawing pictures they can either show that or keep it to themselves,” said Aust.

The schools goal is to bring back normalcy to their campus. And are trying to provide as much counseling as they can since the students are asking questions.

“They just don't understand how something like that can happen and they miss their friend," said Aust.