REDDING, Calif. -

The Wine Room off of Market St. was vandalized late on Monday night and the business owners say they believe it was no random attack. Several downtown business owners are concerned that they are being vandalized because of their anti-panhandling signs.

Mimi Moseley, The Wine Room owner, said she got a call from one of the local business owners Tuesday morning, letting her know that her glass door had been smashed with a rock.

Moseley said this is not the first time businesses around the downtown Redding area have had problems and it is a commonly held belief that it is due to the anti-panhandler signs that some of the businesses hang outside of their windows.

Still, Moseley said she won’t be backing down and she said she believes that this incident will only make local businesses fight harder.

"Just as our government does not negotiate with terrorists, we don't negotiate with people who bang our door with a rock," Moseley said. "We are not going to roll over because of that. We are in Redding and we have a purpose here and we are glad to be in Redding and we love them."

The Downtown Redding Business Association will be having a meeting next month with local business owners and Redding’s chief of police to talk about resolutions.