BIGGS, Calif. -

Missing financial reports from a the Biggs West-Gridley Water District has them under the microscope of the state controller's office, but they say they're clearing it up.

State Controller John Chiang announced last week he was sending out staff to secure financial reports from 20 state agencies, including the Biggs West-Gridley Water District.

According to the controller, the agency failed to report financial data from 2010 and 2011.

The information shows how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

Answering requests from KRCR today, water district general manager Gene Massa says a missing 2011 report has been sent in to the controller and they have a verbal agreement and extension to finish 2010 without penalty.

"So right now in our eyes and with the staff we're working at the controller's office with, we're in full compliance and moving forward to have everything complete to them," Massa says in the voice message.

Unless there's some kind of delay or failure to report the 2010 financials, the controller's office will no longer visit the water district.