19 Year Old Man Recovering From "Beating" In Chico

CHICO, Calif. - A 19-year-old Bay Area man is recovering from injuries his family says he got in a beating in downtown Chico.

His mother Sandra says he was attacked by two white men in their mid-20's on Friday night near the corner of Hazel and 9th Street.
"He got jumped from behind.  He hit the ground and that's all he really remembers," says Sandra.
Sandra says Daniel came up from the Bay Area to visit his sister to celebrate a friend's birthday.
On Friday, Daniel was with 5 of his friends. They were coming from a party around 11:30 p.m. and were heading back to his sister's house.
Once they reached 9th Street on Hazel...they found six white men standing there.    
"They started to throw oranges at them," said Sandra.
Sandra says Daniel asked them to stop.  They met in the middle of the street and exchanged words with each other.  Sandra then says Daniel started to turn around and leave.  Then two of the men attacked him.
"He had several broken bones in his face that will require surgery," said Sandra.
Sandra's daughter says they saw the two men running down the train tracks and said officers didn't do a good enough job catching them.
Chico police have reported the incident as quote "mutual combat" but Sandra believes that wasn't the case.  She says her son did not fight the other group.
She says she's second guessing her decision to allow her daughter to come to Chico.

"I'm starting to regret my decision to let my daughter live up there," added Sandra.

Chico police is asking anyone with additional information to give them a call.  Daniel is expected to have surgery Friday.

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