2 men save unconscious woman from burning home

Two men save unconscious woman from burning mobile home

OROVLLE, Calif. - An Oroville woman is alive after two of her neighbors saved her from her burning mobile home Sunday afternoon.

"I heard an explosion and then I saw fire coming out and everything," said neighbor, Robert Robison Jr.
"When I came around the corner, the whole front of the trailer was already engulfed in flames," said neighbor, Kevin Wells.
Flames erupted out of the mobile home around 2:30 p.m. with a woman and a small dog trapped inside.
"I heard the individual yell 'help'. I heard two bangs on the door. I heard one more scream and heard something fall like a sack of potatoes," said Robison.  "I had to react quickly."
"I was bare foot and I ran back to get my shoes. By the time I got out here, he took a propane tank and literally blew out the window," said Wells.
"I just started bashing the door down and it didn't work," explained Robison.  "I tried ripping off the hinges.  I just started banging the hell out of it until I got through."
The dog perished, but the two men found a woman lying by her front door covered in soot and badly burned.
"Luckily she was by the door because there was no way we could have gotten into that house. There was too much heat and too much smoke," said Wells.
Wells and Robison said the woman was not breathing when they pulled her out of the house.  Robison performed CPR until paramedics got there.
They took her to Oroville Hospital. She was later airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center.     
"She was very seriously burned yesterday, so I'm worried about her," said CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Mike Brown.
Both Wells and Robison were also taken to the hospital.  Wells walked away with no injuries, but Robison suffered some.
"I fell back and dislocated my knee and hyper-extended it.  It then re-located itself. I just sucked it up and moved on," said Robison.

CAL FIRE said the cause of the fire in still under investigation. We tried checking with UC Davis to see how the woman is doing, but since her name is not being released they can not speak about her condition.

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