A Chico State Fraternity Breaks Away From the University

CHICO, Calif. - A fraternity at Chico State has decided to cut ties with the university following a two year suspension handed down last week.

Sigma Chi has been a part of CSU Chico Greek life for 20 years and Monday, they announced they would no longer be affiliated with the school.

Sigma Chi said in a press release they 'will operate their Kappa Theta chapter independently from the university for the foreseeable future.'

This announcement comes at a time of tension between the school's administration and its Greek community.

After Sigma Chi was found brewing beer inside of the fraternity house, Chico State suspended the fraternity for two years.

Sigma Chi said that they understood that they violated the university's alcohol-free policy, but fraternity representatives also said that the school is 'demanding perfection from the chapter with rigid protocol and guidelines, preventing the chapter from learning from its mistakes.'

The Chico State administration responded to the fraternity's announcement, saying that they do not believe the fraternity will stop doing events that benefit the city of Chico.

"Their note said they will continue to do community projects and also be involved in philanthropy and that would be good for the community and those sorts of things," said Joe Wills, Public Affairs Director at Chico State.

Since they broke away from Chico State, Sigma Chi will be able to recruit new members, elect new officers and host social gatherings, but they will not be able to participate in activities like intramural sports or be involved in decision-making with fraternities that still have ties to the school.

We also asked Chico State what the chances are of the fraternity being reinstated if they change their minds.  The university said it will have to discuss and weigh the options.

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