A new phone cell tower comes to Oroville

OROVILLE, Calif. - The Oroville City Council approved a new cell phone tower on Tuesday night, to be placed near Oroville Hospital.

During the meeting there was some concern of whether that 80-foot tower would interfere with the helicopter's flight path.

The idea was denied by the planning commission back on April 29, but after doing some research they are on board with this idea.

"We also talked to the hospital and they received some comments from a Caltrans aviation safety officer who had some concerns and recognized that it is not in the flight path.  So no FAA standards apply for the tower," said Luis Topete, an associate planner for the City of Oroville.

On Tuesday night, the council voted to approve the tower's construction five to two.

The tower will be built behind a storage unit business off of Oro Dam Blvd. east.

The tower will provide better cell phone coverage for customers of a variety of carriers around that area.

No word yet on when the cell tower will be put up but the city says they plan to start within a year.

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