As rain and flows slow, work continues overnight at Oroville Dam

Community shows support

As rain flows slow, work continues...

OROVILLE, Calif. - Most of the 270 personnel who are part of the ongoing work at the Oroville Dam spillway are not local residents, and long shifts and 24/7 work schedules have left many every day pleasantries difficult to come by.

But Chris Orrick of the Department of Water Resources said the local community has gone out of its way to show their appreciation for the men and women working to repair and maintain the dam during this current crisis.

"They opened up Walmart just for DWR employees to go in and get a change of clothes and get some toiletries," said Orrick, a resident of Elk Grove. He said a local Applebee's was already closed, but didn't turn away the hungry crew members.

"They knew that there were a bunch of workers up there that needed a hot meal, and so they opened it up for us and we were able to get a hot meal that night."

Activity at night has its limits, without access to the same heavy lifting aircraft that is available during the day. But crews continued to work under close monitoring for safety, while public information officials made plans for the day ahead. 

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