Butte County Sheriff launches recruitment campaign

OROVILLE, Calif. - Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said the Sheriff's Office launched a new campaign Wednesday and are asking the public to see if they want to work for the department

It's called the recruitment campaign.

Sheriff Honea said they will run a three month campaign by putting billboards up this week in the Chico area, and next week they will move down to the southern part of the county. They are also using social media to promote the campaign.

Honea said there are 30 positions available across the board from deputies to civilian positions.

All of the openings stemmed from retirees, and people looking for other employment.

Honea said the difficult challenge for hiring deputies is cadets not passing all of the tests.

"If we can find somebody who is a good fit that would make a great deputy we are willing to put them through the academy if that is the case," said Honea.

The Sheriff's Office said they haven't received any new funds for their budget for hiring; however, they have received AB-109 funding to put more officers on the streets and in the jails.

The deadline to apply for any of the positions is June 30.

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