CAL FIRE air tanker grounded while fighting the Clover Fire

CHICO, Calif. - A CAL FIRE air tanker was grounded Monday in Chico while fighting the Clover Fire.

There was something wrong with the left engine when it came in for a landing at the Chico Airport to be refilled with retardant.  It's now back up and flying.

Crews at the Chico Airport were able to fix the Grumin S2T tanker within an hour.  The plane came to Chico to refill on fire retardant because there were too many CAL FIRE planes at the Redding Airport getting refueled.

It was Tanker 88 that landed with one engine running.  The pilot told CAL FIRE there was not enough fuel being pumped into the left engine.  He then shut off the engine and landed.

They found some faulty wiring that needed to be replaced. Crews rushed and got the plane fixed within an hour.  CAL FIRE says this is usually caused by the plane being used all the time.

"The more you drive it, the more you use it...the wear and tear on the aircraft.  They get inspected every morning.  Every air base has a mechanic that goes through and does a morning inspection," said Battalion Chief Marlene Heisey.

Tanker 88 was out again Tuesday fighting the Clover Fire.  No one was hurt during the emergency landing.

Crews said they filled up five air tankers Monday at the Chico Airport and Tuesday they hadn't seen any planes come in to get refilled.

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