Calm waters during the Labor Day float

HAMILTON CITY, Calif. - The Glenn County Sheriff's Office says significantly fewer people were arrested this year during the annual Labor Day float down the Sacramento River.

The sheriff's office is giving credit to the alcohol ban that was put into place this year.

Authorities' say it was smooth sailing this past Labor Day weekend.  No fights broke out, no one got injured, there was no massive party on beer can beach and there were a lot fewer people on the river.

Authorities said 3,000 attended the Labor Day float on Sunday.  Last year, when Bret Olson died, there were 11,000 people on the river.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office said that both Saturday and Monday were really quiet.  Sunday was the busiest day on the river.

There were nine arrests, five for drunk in public, and one for possession of hash.  There were also three DUI arrests.

Although they didn't' have specific numbers, they said that it is a lot fewer than last year.

"For the most part people seemed to behave," said Glenn County Undersheriff, Rich Warren.  "The crowds were controllable and most people were responsible and safety conscious.  So everything worked well this year."  

The rescue team made 50 rescues on Sunday and 140 public assists.  One man was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

The sheriff's office says they may not be out of the woods yet.  There are concerns about the possibility the party might be moving either to this weekend or another weekend, but they are hoping that won't be the case.

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