Chico Bars and Restaurants Start 'Respect Chico' Movement

CHICO, Calif. - For the second time this week, the Downtown Chico Business Association has announced the start of a new movement aimed at improving the city.

It encourages people to be safe for St. Patrick's Day this weekend.

When you walk through the streets of downtown Chico you can't ignore the green decorations and leprechauns on most local bars and restaurants.

Beer kegs are being rolled in and Riley's, on 5th and Ivy Streets, even painted a countdown calendar on their windows.

However, there is something different about St. Patrick's Day 2013 in Chico.

"We want to help solve the problem," said Duffy's Tavern owner Doug Roberts.

Roberts said his bar and 11 other bars and restaurants came up with a new movement called "Respect Chico." The movement is designed to show everyone that they too, are worried about the drinking problem in Chico.

Roberts said he and other bar owners wanted to separate themselves from Chico State's "Call to Action."

"They felt it demonized us as we were a major part of the problem and none of us felt that way," said Roberts.

To get this message across, all 11 bars came to the Downtown Chico Business Association asking for their help.

"We actually been able to gain some momentum and move forward with some things pretty quickly," said Nicole Romain, manager at the Downtown Chico Business Association.

"If they tried it in two weeks for Ceaser Chavez Day or for Cinco De Mayo, but for St. Patrick's Day, no one is going to be here," said Chico State Junior Katrina Cameron about the "Respect Chico" movement. 

Cameron said she thinks the effort comes at a bad time because spring break is fast approaching.

"It shouldn't be the bars taking care of us, it should be us taking care of ourselves," said Cameron.

Chico Police Dept. said it is not taking any chances.  They say they will be putting more officers on the street for the holiday.

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