Chico Company Travelling to China

Chico Company Travelling to China

Chico based tech company Auctiva is taking almost their entire staff on a trip to China.

63 of the 70 people who work there--including interns--will head to the Far East.

A week from Wednesday Auctiva's a tech company that provides services for eBay and other online marketplaces.

Their parent company, Alibaba.com, is based in Hangzhou, China.

And Alibaba invited everyone at Auctiva to join them for an anniversary celebration at their headquarters.

They'll meet their foreign-based colleagues and also have the chance to go sight seeing.

Jenny Fuller, Digital Media Specialist at Auctiva, calls it "a once in a lifetime opportunity."

She and the rest of the staff will have an opportunity to be tourists in Beijing and visit destinations like the Great Wall, the silk market and maybe some of the Olympic sights.

But it's not all for pleasure--it's actually a great way for everybody at Auctiva to bond with their foreign counterparts.

"It's going to be really exciting to be able to put a face to a name," said Marketing Manager Alessandra Colaci, "for us all to be able to meet the team over there and just kind of be able to talk to them and share in that excitement that we have as being a part of (Alibaba)."

It has been no easy task putting such a large scale trip together.

Huge stacks of passports and visas were piled high just last week.

But all of those have now been handed out and all that's left for these 63 staff members to do is pack for the journey.

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