Chico pastor pens book on Christ's crucifixion

Fictional eyewitness acccounts from those who saw it

CHICO, Calif. - A newly book released book by Westbow Publishing and written by Chico clergy Peter Hansen is on bookshelves.

"I Was There -- Eyewitnesses at the Foot of the Cross" is a series of fictional eyewitness accounts written by Hansen about those who saw Christ's crucifixion -- including some of the most notorious figures in what some call the greatest story ever told; such as Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. 

"The reason for the book is to get us close up to the crucifixion that we can really sense it and feel it in real time," Hansen said. "We take the Biblical characters we know were in and around the crucifixion and I let them talk and imagine what they may say to us right at the moment."

Father Hansen's book includes 19 separate accounts of what the Bible's figures may have experienced that day with no story more than a dozen pages long.

Copies of Hansen's book are available at Lyons Bookstore in Downtown Chico.  it can also be ordered through amazon.com.  The e-book version is available at Barnes & Noble.

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