Chico Police appreciate quiet St. Patrick's holiday trend

CHICO, Calif. - The Monday following St. Patrick's Day, Chico Police said they are appreciative of another holiday with minimal problems.

Ever since Chico State, Butte Community College and Chico Unified School District aligned their spring breaks to fall on the holiday, officers said they have seen a significant reduction of crime and public safety problems.

Chico police said an extra team was added on both Friday and Saturday night this year, but called the weekend very manageable.

In the Downtown and south campus area, police said they arrested one person for brandishing a weapon, two people for being drunk in public and another for driving under the influence. They also arrested one person with an outstanding petty theft warrant and someone else who was caught shoplifting.

Local bartenders said years ago, St. Patrick's Day was a major money making holiday, but now, business is slow. 

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