Chico Police study gang behavior

CHICO, Calif. - The Chico Police Gang Unit was reinstated in June, the department said Monday they are playing catch up trying to learn the latest gang behavior.

Lieutenant Jennifer Gonzales with the Chico Police Department said the effort has been difficult. Right now there are four officers and a supervisor that serve on the gang unit.

On Sunday, just before 3 p.m. at the Chico Trailer Haven on Nord Avenue at least five bullet casings were found on the ground by police officers

According to investigators, three suspects took off in a black SUV. Police followed and stopped them on Klondike Court off West First Avenue.

Police said that was the same area where a second gang shooting happened on Saturday.

The suspects in the car were arrested. They include an unidentified 16 year old, 19-year-old Edgar Olivar of Oroville and 22-year-old Jasper Sandoval of Chico.

Police said the suspects got rid of two semi-automatic handguns near North Cedar Street and West First Avenue.

With the gang unit back in business, officials hope to prevent incidents like these rather than having to respond to them.

"It's a big deal for the unit to get back up and running to get caught up on all of the information that has been missed out," Gonzales said. "They are working now on intelligence gathering and processing a lot of data to figure out who is still an active participant within the gangs and who are the new participants are."

Gonzales said patrol officers have been monitoring gang behavior as well, but are often tied up by other calls.

In a third incident, one person suffered a gunshot wound to the torso near Third Street and Broadway on Friday night but they are expected to survive.

Police believe that shooting was also gang-related; specifically tied to the Nortenos Gang.

Officers are still working to figure out whether the incidents involved the same suspects.

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