Chico priest remembers life of famous father Peter Hansen

General Hospital mainstay dies at 95

Chico priest remembers life of famous...

CHICO, Calif. - Peter Hansen, an actor most known for playing the role of Lee Baldwin on General Hospital for four decades, died last Sunday in Santa Clarita at the age of 95.

Among those he left behind was Father Peter Hansen, a priest of 25 years at St. Augustine's of Canterbury Anglican Church in Chico.

"My dad worked in a different way than most fathers," said Hansen, who grew up in southern California.

Securing the role of Lee Baldwin on the immensely popular General Hospital in 1964 provided the family with a steady stream of income in a business fraught with uncertainty. 

"Getting a job on General Hospital in the mid-sixties was a tremendous bonus to his stability and ability to provide for the family without any insecurity," said Hansen. 

Hansen said it was unique growing up with such a famous father, as public family gatherings were frequently interrupted by fans and autograph seekers. 

The late Hansen was a regular church goer, which is how his son and siblings were introduced to their Christian faith.

Hansen's said his father taught him the importance of performance in delivering a good message, taking that lesson into his pulpit in preaching the Word of God.

"Acting is the ability to portray something truly and honestly in a way that can be seen and believed," said Hansen. "Now as a priest that's something I've got to do too."

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