Chico State and Salvation Army unveil new homes

Chico State and Salvation Army unveil new homes

CHICO, Calif. - Chico State and the Salvation Army unveiled two brand new duplexes Sunday completed this week by Chico State students and Chico construction leaders.

The transitional homes on the corner of 8th and Salem Streets will soon be home to single mothers in the Salvation Army's Ann and Emmitt Skinner Adult Rehabilitation Program.

90 students in Chico State's College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction programs took on the bulk of the work during their spring break, working 16 hours a day.

Student project manager Justin Besotes says the two year project was a huge undertaking and a rewarding experience.

"We got all of these students together in seven days, you know, we built the two houses behind me. It's pretty awesome," he says. "And ten, twenty years down the road show my kids that, you know, here's something that I was a part of and able to help people."

Salvation Army envoy Dennis Stumpf was impressed how the students and contractors came together.

"It's just been phenomenal to just see all the outpouring of support and just the spirit of giving that it makes everybody feel good," Stumpf says.

The buildings aren't completely finished yet.

Work still needs to be completed inside before the families can call the duplexes home.

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