Chico State Experts Approves Butte County Sheriff's Prison Realignment Program

CHICO, Calif. - Experts are praising the program in response to the passage of AB 109. They say it is a functional way to avoid jail overcrowding and to save the state some money.

The Alternative Custody Supervision (ACS) program allows inmates to serve their sentence inside of their homes. They must wear an ankle bracelet and must have permission to leave their house at all times.

According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, it costs $20 per day to have an inmate under house arrest versus the $90 per day it costs to have them in jail.

While the report praises the economic benefits, it also notes an area of concern. It says that the program means a notably larger work load for Butte County deputies.

It is important to note that each county handles the effects of AB 109 differently. Some have even slammed the law as an unsafe for police and the community.

Only last week, Anderson Police spoke out about the bill after they said a man recently released from jail attempted to grab an officer's gun during a struggle.

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