Chico State plan to punish students for off-campus infractions, denied

Chico State: Plan to punish college students off-campus denied

CHICO, Calif. - A proposal at Chico State to punish students on-campus for alcohol-related issues that take place off-campus has been silenced.
The idea originated from the Cal State board of trustees during recent meetings.
The proposal was to expand the jurisdiction of Title V of the Student Code of Conduct that states, "Students are expected to be good citizens and to engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well upon their university."
The rule applies to all 23 Cal State campuses.  Chico State is opposed to changing Title V because they say students deserve a due process right.

"It's important that the focus of Education Code is students being in school and they definitely face disciplinary action through the Education Code but it's really based on them being students," said Chico State Public Affairs Director Joe Wills.

This fall, Chico State received 175 referrals related to Title V alcohol incidents.  Also, eight housing contracts have been terminated for having alcohol on campus.

Chico State explains they are still coming up with solutions to the alcohol issue by having alternate activities on major holidays and community service projects.

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