Chico State students clear the dorms

Many left-behind items collected for Goodwill

CHICO, Calif. - Starting Thursday, graduates and under-graduates moved out of the residence halls at Chico State, which is why traffic was congested at West Legion Road along Warner and Citrus.

But not everything was loaded into Mom and Dad's SUV, as some belongings were left behind for Goodwill.

Diversion Excursion urges students to donate unwanted item to Goodwill for reuse. Approximately  130 student volunteers sorted through the items, loading them into trucks to be taken to the charity.

"We are getting a lot clothes, shoes and mattress pads, " said Olivia Longstaff, a Chico State student volunteer. "Anything that students want to throw away we're getting them to donate."  

Longstaff estimated that 80 percent of the items left behind can be reused.  Last year more than 18,000 pounds of items were donated. 

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