Chicoans protest possible military action in Syria

Chicoans protest possible military action in Syria

Dozens of protestors gathered in the Chico City Plaza Saturday afternoon to speak out against potential military intervention in Syria.

"I am issuing a call to action to all of you to go home and talk to your friends and talk to your family and call your representative," Butte College political science instructor Sue Hildebrand said as she addressed the crowd. "Because we have until September 9th, when congress comes back in session and they get to decide if we start bombing another country."

President Obama earlier Saturday continued his push for a strike on the Middle Eastern nation that is alleged to have used chemical weapons against its own citizens but the president also said he would ask Congress for approval.

Chico joined numerous other communities across the country holding demonstrations about a possible Syrian conflict.

Polls show that a majority of the American public is weary about getting involved.
And today's event saw members of the political left, right and middle coming together.

"People who are from the occupy movement, people from the libertarian movement, people from the left and right coming together," says Thomas Childers of the Young Americans for Liberty, who organized the event. "That should send a clear message that the American people really have serious reservations about getting involved in more conflicts."

The Chico Peace and Justice Center and various other activists were also on hand.

The general consensus was satisfaction with the president's decision to seek Congressional approval before moving forward.

"This thing was moving so quickly, it's gratifying to see that it's slowed down a little bit and that the president has decided to follow the law and consult with congress," says Evan LeVang with the Chico Peace and Justice Center.

Childers agreed but said he still wants to see the public to do their part.

"He did say he would wait for congress, which is something we don't see a lot of since the War Powers Resolution Act. And let's hope he sticks to that, and I hope the American people will hold him to that."

And while Chico's protest was likely one of the smaller one's held nationwide attendees said they were just doing their part.

"Well I think it's important for people to do what they can where they are," says LeVang, "and this is where we are and we're doing what we can."

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