College investigates instructor's controversial Facebook posts

New Facebook comments by Jodi Rives on the US military come to light

College investigates instructor's controversial Facebook posts

CHICO, Calif. - An investigation by Butte College is underway following controversial Facebook comments by part-time Communication instructor Jodi Rives that came to light on Friday.

While Butte College is on Spring Break, KRCR has learned that Rives' Facebook posts regarding the U.S. military is a top priority for school President Kimberly Perry, who is investigating the matter.
In Facebook posts and in a Friday interview with KRCR, Rives claimed that based on her teaching experience she believes military students struggle to be prepared for academic work.   In another post she said that staying literate for returning military students is a full-time job.

"For me to say that they're coming into academic institutions with poor academic skills [is not an attack]," Rives said. "That's just me calling it like it is."

Ms. Rives's Facebook page is currently shut down, so her previous posts can no longer be viewed.  But the conservative website Before it's News saved an entry in which Rives writes that "no American soldier has fought for anyone's freedom in more than a hundred years."  In the same post, Rives writes that one of every two women in the Armed Forces experiences sexual assault and/or harassment, ending the entry with "your military house stinks to high heaven and it is time for some deep-cleaning."

"Your military house stinks to high heaven and it is time for some deep-cleaning." - Rives Facebook comment

On Friday, Rives defended her position on rape in the military. 

"How many apples in the barrel have to be bad before we start to suspect that the barrel has problems?" she asked rhetorically.

On Monday morning, Rives said that the only contact she's had from Butte College since the story broke was an email requesting she remove Butte College from her Facebook Identity.

Over the weekend Rives said via telephone she's received hundreds of rape and violence threats against her. She declined the opportunity for an interview regarding these claims.  However, she said that on advice of council she will no longer speak publicly on this matter.

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