Communities prep for winter storm

Communites prep for winter storm

PARADISE, Calif. - The cold temperatures prompted the town of Paradise to prepare for their expected first snow fall on Friday.

Public employees want to make sure the roads are safe and clear.

Chico is expected to get a few snowflakes on Friday, but it won't stick to the road.  As for Paradise, they're expecting a lot more.

"It was down in the 20s this morning so it was very cold," said Jaime Green, a Paradise resident.

A winter storm is heading towards the Northstate meaning that Paradise could see its first snowfall of the season.
"With the snow levels supposedly dropping to the 1,000 foot level," said Paradise Public Works Manager Paul Derr. "We are expecting two to four inches and some parts we are expecting 12 inches of snow."
Town workers are preparing for it by rallying up snow plows and workers to make sure the roads are safe and clear.
'We may contact local contractors for additional equipment," said Derr.

Big black tarps at the Paradise public work warehouseis a substance called "de-icer." It's a combination of salts and other material that will melt the snow and ice off the roads.
"We usually keep several hundred tons of that available to us," said Derr.
The Paradise public works department says they are expecting to get the heaviest snow where Clark Road meets the Skyway and the upper part of Pentz Road.
"Prepare for the snow and drive safely," said Derr.

Experts are saying chain restrictions are possible for the Skyway near Neal Road.  They also advise to plan to come home early on Friday.

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