Court Documents Reveal Disturbing New Details in Physician Assistant Kidnap/Rape Case

CHICO, Calif. - KRCR News Channel Seven has obtained new court documents that reveal shocking new details about the investigation of a Butte County physician assistant charged with kidnapping two college-age women in the South Campus neighborhood in Chico last fall.  He's charged with raping one, and trying to rape the other.

Lonnie Keith, 40, was arrested in Chico back in January.

Wednesday KRCR News Channel 7 obtained an affidavit police used to get a search warrant in the case.

According to the statement, Keith had his face covered in both attacks - the first time with a nylon stocking, and the second time was with a dark plastic mask.

Police say stockings were found in Keith's car and a dark mask was found in a closet in his home.

The statement goes into detail about the first attack, saying Keith, at one point, placed his forearm across the victim's throat, and told her to beg for air.

When Keith allegedly injected her with an unknown substance, detectives say he called it 'truth serum', and told her he was 'hired to do this'.

Documents show the second victim didn't remember much of what happened after she was abducted.

Meanwhile, the search warrant led to the discovery of items we're learning about for the first time. Those items include handcuffs, steel leg shackles, loaded syringes, and vials of at least two different types of medication - all of which, detectives say were located in a hidden compartment in Keith's 2013 Dodge Dart.

Police believe they have strong DNA evidence with respect to the sexual assaults. The documents go into graphic detail about that evidence, however KRCR News Channel 7 has chosen not to report those details.

The documents also reveal that Keith's wife told investigators they had at one point been separated because Keith was having an affair with a female employee at Oroville Medical Center.

Detectives also say that when Keith's wife was confronted with the shocking accusations against her husband - she said she was "not surprised."

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