Crime Scene Unit investigating home in Paradise

PARADISE, Calif. - The Department of Justice Crime Scene Response Unit has been called out Monday night to a home in Paradise after police there found a woman dead.

Paradise police were called to a home on Meyers Lane between Oliver and Graham Roads to perform a welfare check on an elderly woman who hadn't been heard from.

When they got there they found her dead.

Right now they are calling the death suspicious so they're treating the area as a crime scene.

At this point it's not certain whether foul play was involved, but officials aren't ruling it out and are proceeding with caution.

"Well the situation inside didn't lead us to believe that we could determine what a cause of death was and until we know that we're going to treat it as suspicious," says Paradise Police Lieutenant Steve Rowe.

Crime scene investigators along with police will be on the scene through much of the night collecting evidence.

We'll be sure to bring you the latest information as it's released.

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