Deadline Tuesday to donate for tax refund

CHICO, Calif. - With the deadline looming to donate items and still be able to write them off on 2013 tax returns, local charities are being flooded.

All charitable donation receipts must be dated before midnight Tuesday, Dec. 31,  to be included on tax returns in April.

With that in mind, Monday proved busy at the Salvation Army on Seventh Street in downtown Chico.

All afternoon cars streamed through the donation center dropping off tons of unwanted items.

A lot of people said they were just doing some winter cleaning, getting rid of things they don't use anymore or that were replaced by Christmas gifts.

And while that may be the case, workers there say more people than usual were picking up donation receipts, which you'll need for your tax returns.

"Definitely a lot of people getting receipts. Even for smaller items," says Andy Whatley, who is a volunteer at the Salvation Army.

It was also a busy day for donations at the Goodwill donation center on East Avenue.

A store manager there says she expects an increase in drop-offs through Tuesday.

Again, the deadline to get donations in and still be able to write it off tax returns come April, is by the end of the day Tuesday.

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