Detectives investigate why a teen was fatally hit at a crosswalk

PARADISE, Calif. - Investigators shut down a section of the Skyway in Paradise on Tuesday morning in an attempt to better understand what happened to a 13-year-old Skylar Millner.

Millner was hit at a crosswalk on May 31 and pronounced dead two days later at the hospital.

Detectives took readings using a high-tech camera from all over the crime scene which forced them to shut down part of the Skyway.

"We document and measure the scene and then from that we can create a 3D image of our crime scene," said Detective Jay Freeman from the Butte County Sheriff's Office.

The tool they used is called a total station (TSU). It pin points all angles and bumps in the area where Millner was hit.

The sheriff's office said that creating a computer simulation gets them as close to the real thing as possible.

Investigators used the camera three times over the past three weeks to look into the officer-involved shooting at Gold Country Casino last Tuesday and to investigate the three burned bodies found in Magalia.

As for Skylar's family, they said that they hope this investigation brings them closure.

"There has not been a ruling on whether or not it was an accident," said Stacey Vermillion, Skylar's aunt.

Vermillion stood next to investigators all day to make sure justice will be served.

"We feel for this man. We know it has to be hard to live with but I have also seen him around town and it doesn't seem like he has any remorse," said Vermillion.

The sheriff's office said that it takes roughly 60 hours to create the simulated scene. It will then be passed over to the district attorney's office.

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