Disgraced music school owner replaced by new owners

Disgraced music school owner replaced by new owners

CHICO, Calif. - The shamed owner of the Chico School of Rock is the owner no more after accusations he pleasured himself in front of a former student.

Former owner Sid Lewis said he was going to pass the business along to his instructors, but an outside buyer stepped in and took over.

"We are, Chico Rock Stars," said Jessica Poropat, the new owner of the now Chico Rock Starts music school. "We just want to get away from the stigma of what happened and tell people it's a whole new set of people coming in."

Lewis stepped down as owner when he was arrested in February, and said he would let his instructors run the school, but Poropat instead signed a one year lease on Friday.

"We didn't want to see such a great program go to waste," said Poropat. "We want to give the kids a place to play music, come together, form bands, and keep the music going."

Poropat said she wants to start from the ground up by cleaning and re-decorating the school. They will also be adding three more instructors, plus, herself and her husband. She also wants to ensure the community all of the instructors will have to pass background checks.

"It's an uphill battle but I think we can convince people that we are trustworthy," said Poropat.

Poropat said a good chunk of the clientele has not returned, but said the school will be ready to open on April 1.

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