Documents claim 'right to sue' for Chico officer

Documents claim 'right to sue' for Chico officer

CHICO, Calif. - New documents distributed Wednesday appear to show copies of a complaint by a Chico police officer with the California Fair Employment and Housing Department. Their reply is giving him the right to sue for discrimination.

The controversy started November 2013 when Chico City Councilmember Randall Stone called out Chico police officer Todd Boothe for images on his Facebook page that Stone claimed were "homophobic and racist."

"All of which could be written off causally as political satire; unfortunately that doesn't apply to a police officer when they are in the public sphere and enforcing the law," Stone told KRCR News Channel 7 in November.

The documents revealed Wednesday appear to show a copy of a complaint by Boothe claiming an internal investigation was performed by the police department.

Boothe wrote in the complaint that discipline was handed down which "prevented me from promotional and special assignment opportunities for at least one year."

The documents also show Boothe claims discrimination and retaliation against him due to "engagement in protected activities... freedom of speech and protected beliefs."

An apparent reply from the Fair Employment and Housing Department says in bold letters, "This is also your Right to Sue notice."

On a following page Boothe states his intent "to pursue this matter in court."

At this time there is no word of a lawsuit on Boothe's behalf being filed against the city.

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