Elderly accused killer will not get death penalty

Accused murderer will not get the death penalty

CHICO, Calif. - The death penalty is off the table for an elderly Butte County man accused of killing three people and burning their bodies in a stolen car last June.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said in a text message Thursday, "Considering his age at 72 years old and his health, it would be a waste of resources to pursue the death penalty."

Ramsey also said, "Given the fact that Mr. Clark would be dead before these inevitable appeals would be heard and decided. With death on the table it would greatly delay the trial date, and would require that the court appoint a second attorney for Clark."

Clark is accused of killing 17-year-old son Richard Jones Jr., 15-year-old Roland Lowe and 46-year-old Colleen Lowe on June 13.

He is also accused of then burning their bodies in a stolen car on the Skyway outside of Magalia.

Detectives testified in December that Clark admitted to them that he shot all three of them, but it was in self- defense.

Clark's trial is scheduled to begin February 24 in Butte County Superior Court.

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