FBI trains Northstate SWAT teams

FBI trains Northstate SWAT teams

OROVILLE, Calif. - SWAT teams from all over the Northstate gathered at the Butte County Sheriff's Office training center in Oroville sharpen their skills of protecting us in dangerous scenarios.

15 SWAT teams swapped ideas and played out real life scenarios with each other and FBI agents.

The FBI's stated goal was to prepare all the SWAT members for when a real scenario occurs.

This is the fourth year the FBI has held the Northern Valley Swat Regional Training Day.

"There are not a lot of residences that live close by so we can bring in a lot of people here and do a lot of different scenarios," said Butte County Undersheriff, Kory Honea. "So it's that collaborative training that has synergistic effect in terms of helping each other. I think that's the real value here."

The FBI put together a handful of scenarios for these officers to play out.

"We certainly value [the training] they bring, they coordinate this and bring us the level of training they have," Honea said.

One of the exercises involved someone being held hostage by an armed man in a school bus. The victims were played by Yuba County police cadets. Officers used simulated bullets that have soap on the end to shoot at the cadets.

"We are presenting tactics they can utilize to provide protection," said special FBI Agent Brain Jones.

Another scenario included an officer that was shot and needed to be rescued. SWAT teams drove in an armored truck to rescue him.

"There is some other training in the classroom that will take place that will help prepare them in any kind of event they encounter," Honea said.

According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office the purpose of these exercises is not only to make sure all SWAT members are up to date on rescue tactics but also to work well with other agencies in case any of these events really happen.

"In very short order we are going to bring in the Chico SWAT Team," said Honea. "If it's an extended event, we're very likely going to look to other agencies like Shasta County or Redding PD."

The FBI also did training with agencies in central California earlier this month, but their next stop is in Sacramento where dozens of agencies will meet to get trained in two weeks.

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