Fire crews get 'live fire' training in Durham

DURHAM, Calif. - Firefighters in Butte County got some important hands experience Saturday during a "Live Fire" training exercise in Durham.

Members of Cal Fire and local volunteer firefighters were involved as they tackled intentionally set fires at an abandoned home in durham.

Throughout the day, as many as eight separate fires were set inside the home so firefighters could practice different scenarios.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Scott McLean says it's crucial training that gets crews ready for the real thing.

"It's like real time," says McLean. "We have a controlled setting where we can instruct these individuals that have never seen fire what the fire is actually going to do. We can pretty much predict its direction, the size it's going to get and how it's going to develop. And that's indicators that these people need to learn to look out for in case of emergency situations that may develop during a fire."

Firefighters learned the best way to fight many different kinds of flames.

They also learned the basics, like cutting ventilation holes in the roof, a technique that helps control how much oxygen fuels the fire.

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