Flash flood rips through Chico neighborhood

Flash flood rips through Chico neighborhood

CHICO, Calif. - An Chico neighborhood is cleaning up the mess left behind by a flash flood that rushed through their neighborhood Sunday night.

The flood caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

The flood was reported around midnight on Bancroft Drive off East 20th Street.

Crews spent all night and all day trying to get things back to normal.

Neighbors said the water rose as high as four inches Sunday night, and they say it'll be a long time before things are back to normal. Rocks and mud covered the street.

Many used heavy machinery to shovel and wash mud off their driveways.

According to neighbors, six houses have at least an inch of water inside.

"I opened the door and I came out here and right here is where we had over a foot of water rushing through our back yard and it made a hole right here," said Bancroft Drive resident, Matt Blofsky

Blofsky and his family woke up around midnight to the sound of water rushing through their home.

"This is what happens when you have an inch. We will now be living with concrete floors for awhile," said Blofsky.

They and the rest of the neighborhood spent hours trying to clean up the mess.

"I have not slept," said Blofsky. "[I got] 30 minutes."

Clean up crews were on site all Monday. They ripped out wet carpet and dried out the wet floors inside the six homes.

Crews said the water rushed down a hill at the end of the block.

"Obviously there's a drainage issue somewhere. It's in the street or with the construction but basically there was a massive mud flow coming down the street," said Cleanrite-Buildrite project manager, Alan Heacock.

"When you live in the city you don't expect, when you're on these kinds of services, in this kind of neighborhood, you don't expect a flood to come through your house," said Blofsky.

Most of the home owners said the cost damage will have to come out of their pockets since they don't qualify for flood insurance.

We did try contacting the city about these drainage issues in the neighborhood, but they did not return any of our calls.

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