Forensic scientists called by defense in the Jeffrey Menzies murder trial

OROVILLE, Calif. - The defense called forensic analysts to testify in day five of the Jeffery Menzies trial. Menzies is the man accused of shooting and killing Chico Pastor David Yang two years ago in Chico.

On Wednesday, the defense called a handful of forensic scientists to try to disprove David Yang's autopsy report's claim of where the bullet entered his head. Some of those who testified say there is one major factor in the report that they just do not agree with.

Dr. Teri Haddex specializes in pathology and was one of many who reviewed David Yang's autopsy report.

The defense is calling into question where exactly the bullet entered Yang's head.  There was a small hole found on Yang's hair line on the right side of his head, and Haddex said that the bullet most likely entered there.

The autopsy report was written by Dr. Thomas Resk who testified Monday that the bullet went through Yang's right ear canal and exited out his left forehead. Haddex said on Wednesday that she does not agree with that.  Resk's report also said the hole on Yang's neck was not deep enough for a bullet wound.

Next, the defense called Kenton Wong to the stand, another forensic scientist.  Wong testified that Resk's report did not have enough pictures or documentation in it.

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